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Thank You for Helping us Build the Dream

The Manning Family Find-A-Friend Youth Enrichment Center of

Fayetteville Urban Ministry is Here!

Naming Rights - $150,000

The Manning Family

Dream Computer Lab - $50,000


Ashton W. Lilly Family

Dr. Glen Keeney Family

Longleaf Fund of the Foundation for the Carolinas

The Cannon Foundation

Windows into the Future - $15,000

Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Lyn Greene

Mr. Ralph Huff, III

Benchmark Benches - $5,000

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Ashton Fox

Bordeaux Center

Elizabeth Hubbard

Gill Security

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Teele

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Lancaster

The Re-Store Warehouse

Wade Hardin

Brighter Future Bricks - $500

Mr. Clark Reaves

Coldwell Banker Advantage

Mr. & Mrs. Earnest L. Curry & Blanche Radford-Curry

Fayetteville Police Department

Mr. & Mrs. James and Nancy Willie

Mr. James Lampros

Mr. Joel A. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. David Stiff

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Blough

Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Spangler

Onsite Homes, LLC

Mr. Vito Amoroso

Dreamer Plaque - $200

Mrs. & Mr. Ann and John Ashford

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred and Loretta Young

Ms. Belinda Dawson

Mrs. Barbara Haas

Mrs. & Mr. Brenda and Rick Booth

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Dower

Ms. Cassandra McMillion

Cavins Business Solutions

Certainty Home Loans

Mr. Dennis Scott

Dr. & Mrs. Dale Brown

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Zalaznik

Flora MacDonald Garden Club

Mr. Gary Fleck

Northpoint Solutions

In Memory of Harold D. Holmes by Culbreth Memorial UM

Hoop Dreams Gym - $100,000

The Dreamville Foundation

Cumberland Community Foundation Inc.


Playground Equipment - $25,000

Ashton W. Lilly Family

Mr. & Mrs. Autry Butler

Mr. Richard Hensdale


Doors for Dreamers - $10,000

Ashton W. Lilly Family

Ms. Janet Belk

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Legatski

Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Linda Goff


Possibility Pavers - $1,000

Alliance Behavioral Health


Mrs. Barbara Brooks

Branch Banking & Trust

Clark Family Foundation

Darden, Miranda & Associates

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Falter

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Rochman

Florence Rogers Charitable Trust

Judge Gale Adams & Mr. Glen Adams

Junior League of Fayetteville

Kiwanis Club of Cape Fear

Morgan Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Short

Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. John Holmes

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bass

Mr. & Mrs. James Alligood

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bull

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Satisky

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Colantuono

Ms. Pat Talkington

Ms. Patricia Chabra

Ms. Phyllis P. Jones

Piedmont Natural Gas

QwikMed Pharmacy & Clinic

Systel Business Equipment

Mrs. Terri Union

Dreamer Plaque - $200 (Cont.)

Ms. Leslie Kiewra

Mr. Malcolm Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Haney

Mr. & Mrs. Champion Saint-Amand

Mr. & Mrs. Derrick McArthur

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Howell

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Dane

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald and Gloria Grayson

Ms. Tamara Bryant

The Study Club

Townsend Real Estate

John M. Wilson Bible Class of Highland Presbyterian

Johnny Wilson & Shauna Hopkins began the Build the Dream Campaign with a vision of creating a place where the leaders of tomorrow could grow today. A place where dedicated individuals and mentors would educate, empower and edify the youth of our community so that they might go on to do the same for others. The Manning Family Youth Enrichment Center is the product of countless hours of tireless effort and is a testament to their vision.

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