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Holiday Honor Card
Unveiling & Open House

November 10th, 2021       11:30 am - 2:00 pm


Fayetteville Urban Ministry is celebrating 47 years of serving the community! We are hosting an open house tour of both of our facilities and unveiling this year's Holiday Honor Card. The Holiday Honor Card, created by artist William Mangum, is a fantastic way to honor those important people in your life, while raising awareness for those in need and supporting a great cause. Purchase a Holiday Honor Card for just $5.00 and help transform someone's LIFE!

100% of the proceeds go to FUM programs!


Help us fight poverty, illiteracy, youth violence, and homelessness...

One Honorable Partnership at a Time!

* PLATINUM: $1,500 (Lobby)*

  • Your logo/signage will be ALL over this event, as you will receive Venue Privilege!

  • Your logo/signage and short video address from your spokesperson on the Honor Card video

  • You will be featured as a live guest on the WIDU radio show (1600 AM) for the months of November & December. You will have 30 minutes to chat about you and your business...Again, it's live! - if you cannot attend, you will receive "shout-out's" throughout the show

  • Your logo on all printed items, FUM website, social media and email traffic

  • Signage on all lobby round-tables

  • You get 100 Holiday Honor Cards

*GOLD: $750 (Hors D'Oeuvres)*

  • You get Food Privilege at the event and your logo/signage will be featured at the hors d'oeuvre & dessert stations

  • Your logo will be featured in the Honor Card promotional video

  • You and your business will receive a "shout-out" on WIDU (1600 AM) live radio show - marketing you and what your business does

  • Your logo will appear on all printed event items, including our FUM Facebook Page

  • You get 50 Holiday Honor Cards

*SILVER: $250 (Honor Card)*

  • Your signage will be displayed at the Honor Card station

  • Your logo/signage will be listed on Honor Card promotional video events & your logo will be shared on the FUM Facebook page

  • You get 30 Holiday Honor Cards

Select Your Sponsorship Level

Thank you for your support of our mission and those who we serve.       


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