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"Rise Up"

2017 Honor Card by William Mangum


"From the moment I heard it, Andra Day’s powerful, soulful ballad “Rise Up” has resonated
with me. She says her goal was to remind each of us of our value and purpose. We’re not
here just to exist; you’re here to impact people in their lives. The song has a powerful
message, and it is one that genuinely reinforces the purpose of the Honor Card Program."


-William Mangum, Artist of the Holiday Honor Card


Hear the inspration for this year's Holiday Honor Card "Rise Up"

"Rise Up" - 2017

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  • How It Works

    The Honor Card is a marvelous way to recognize a friend of family member and at the same time give a meaningful gift to someone in need. With a donation of $5 or more you recieve an Honor Card that you inscribe to that individual. Recognizing them and making a contribution in their honor. Since its conception more than 500,000 Honor Cards have been sent to a special friend or family member.