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Emergency Assistance (EA)

FUM originally came into existence in 1974 to address the needs of people suffering in crisis situations throughout the county. Starting from a basement, this program grew into a powerful grass roots program that touches thousands of lives. Now the program houses a food pantry, clothing closet, and limited financial assistance for families and individuals in crisis situations. This is made possible by community partners who donate non-perishable food items, new & lightly used clothing, household goods, and money.  For the past fiscal year 2012/2013 we served more than 6,000 family members, and over 360 homeless clients. It is simply amazing what a bag of food, clothing, and a few dollars can do to change someone’s life story!

The Nehemiah Project (NEH)

We started in August of 1993, repairing the homes of low-income home owners with the help of volunteer groups from local churches. In 1994 the program assumed the Emergency Home Repair Program for the Community Development Department, City of Fayetteville. Nehemiah partners with many contractors, the Re-Store Warehouse, and other agencies as a vital resource for this community’s elderly and low-income population. This program’s impact is invaluable as it ensures that our elderly and low-income home owners are housed in safe and comfortable living conditions. Each year, the program will assist approximately 170-200 home owners. Imagine being on a truly fixed income, suffering the loss of a significant other, or not having the ability to work full-time.  Each of us has, or will face crises like this in our lives.  “We build up homes and families by repairing houses.”

Adult Literacy Program (ALP)

In Cumberland County, 24% of the adult population reads under a 5th grade level.  Established in 1976, the ALP assists adults who are challenged in the areas of reading, writing, math, general academics, computer skills, and some life skills. Trained volunteers from the community work with 150-185 adult students each year. For approximately $320 the ALP program can match a student with a tutor and begin their journey to success. Literacy is a skill that will affect not only the adult student, but also their children and generations thereafter. It is fundamental for creating better health care access, lowering crime rates, and ensuring safer family environments. Literacy is a gift you can give that can never be taken away. It’s something that will make a lasting difference in our community.  “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Frederick Douglas

Find-A-Friend Program (FAF)

The FAF program started in 1982 as one of the first mentoring programs that Governor Hunt established in North Carolina. Since then it has flourished and added multiple afterschool components to keep at-risk youth fully motivated and enriched through wrap-around support services. Our program helps modify youth’s behavior positively at school, home and in the community.  The FAF program was named a “Champion for Children” in 2009 by the Breaking the Chains of Child Abuse Committee & Child Advocacy Center.  Serving almost 200 at-risk and court-involved youth per year, with an over 80% success rate is what the program has accomplished over the past several years. It costs tax payers over $125,000 per year to house 1 juvenile in confinement.  It takes less than $1,500 to sponsor a youth for 1 full year of prevention services with FAF. “Our kids are our most valuable investment!”

** In the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year 87% of our spending went directly into program delivery! 

**We transform lives daily at no cost to 100% of our clients


The Re-Store Warehouse of Fayetteville, NC.  Click here to visit the website. United Way of Cumberland County
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